Specialist care

Specialist care

UK Care Team provides high quality specialist care to those with a wide variety of support needs. We understand that no two clients are ever the same. That is why we offer the most flexible service possible, assessing each individual’s requirements at regular intervals to ensure the best level of care for them is given at all times.

Elderly care

We believe that preserving an elderly person’s independence is key to maintaining their levels of confidence, happiness and overall wellbeing.

UK Care Team’s home care services provide valuable support to older people and their families by offering high-quality, personalised care that is perfectly tailored to suit the needs of the individual. Our services allow elderly people to remain living at home, safely and independently, for as long as possible.

The type of care provided can often include help with practical household tasks, such as laundry, cooking or washing up, as well as personal care, such as bathing, dressing and administering medicine.

We are also able to offer specialist care for people suffering with dementia, or those with physical disabilities or learning disabilities.

Whatever the requirements, all care that is delivered by our qualified team is done so with the utmost respect and compassion to ensure that the client’s dignity is upheld at all times. And not only do our team help get things done, they also offer a level of companionship that can really make a difference to an elderly person at this time in their life.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s care

For those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's, the associated problems of memory loss and communication all play a part in disrupting the completion of what were previously simple, everyday tasks.

UK Care Team’s specialist dementia and Alzheimer’s care staff are experienced in assisting people with these conditions, helping them to continue living at home safely, and supporting their families through what can often be a very difficult time.

With a professional and compassionate approach, our dedicated care workers provide valuable help and reassurance to many individuals and families dealing with various stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Individuals will often need extra support in carrying out daily activities, such as jobs around the house, personal home care and assistance with medication. And families can benefit from our respite care service, which gives home carers the confidence they need to take a break themselves

Physical disabilities

Dedicated home care services like ours make it possible for the majority of people with physical disabilities to remain living in the comfort of their own homes as opposed to moving into residential care.

UK Care Team supports independent living for people with physical disabilities by offering quality, personalised home care that meets the unique needs of each individual. By providing the correct level of support, individuals with physical disabilities have a greater opportunity to lead a more full and independent life, at home.

The types of care we provide for people with physical disabilities include help with personal care and assistance with practicalhousehold tasks. We also often help by offering companionship and support in social situations; during days out, with hobbies or groups, or at parties and community events, for example.

We appreciate the benefits that leading an independent lifestyle can give to people living with physical disabilities. Our experienced team of care workers offer support and encouragement to preserve the individual’s independence, which we believe is key to maintaining confidence levels, happiness and general wellbeing.

Learning disabilities

Those suffering with learning disabilities can often require significant support in their every day lives at home. Many rely on family members for support, however, with our specially trained care staff, we can make it easier on them and their loved ones by providing the type of care they need to continue living independently in their own homes.

From autism to down syndrome, our team of care staff have significant experience in supporting those with learning difficulties and can provide a tailored service to meet the individual’s needs and enhance their quality of life.

Sensory impairment

People living with sensory impairment will have problems with one or more of their senses. Often, it is the hearing, vision or speech of an individual which can suffer, and at varying degrees. UK Care Team offers quality home care services which provide valuable support for those suffering from sensory impairment, assisting them with day-to-day tasks and offering companionship and reassurance at both home and in social situations.

As various senses can be affected, and at different levels of severity, we appreciate that the needs of individuals with sensory impairment vary greatly. Our flexible home care services are designed to cater for this, allowing you to select and review appropriate levels of care

24-hour care

We understand that some individuals may need significantly more support than others. That’s why we provide around the clock 24-hour care, for those that require support all the time in their every day lives. The level and type of support is down to the individual and what they need, from personal care to practical help, including things like organising shopping, help with bathing, assisting with bills and support in night-time toileting.

We can work with you to find you the right support team of carers to be available throughout the day and night to ensure all of your individual needs are being met and that you are able to remain living comfortable and independently in your own home

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